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ALOT Snapshots  v.2.5.7

Snapshots allows the user to take pictures of complete webpages

File System Snapshots  v.1.0

The project provides for filesystem level snapshots over the 'modified' ext2 filesystem.

Snapshots for Linux VFS layer  v.1.0

Implementation of snapshots into VFS layer in Linux kernel

Narc - poor man's snapshots  v.1.0

narc provides simple and efficient "snapshot-like" archiving of a file hierarchy over time on any Unix-like filesystem that supports hard links.

DVD-Video Image Extractor  v.

Free DVD Image Extractor is an easy tool which enables you to play DVD-Videos and capture snapshots . It supports three tools for capturing snapshots which are Single snapshot , Continuous snapshots and Timed snapshots .

Video Decompiler  v.

Video Decompiler is one of the greatest tools ever used for capturing snapshots from your video files .We support three tools for capturing snapshots.

Video Extractor  v.

Video Extractor is one of the greatest tools ever used for capturing snapshots from your video files.

VCW VicMan's Photo Editor  v.8.1

With this free image editor you can turn snapshots into artworks as well as draw your own images using the built-in image enhancement functions. It includes more than 10 drawing tools, more than 30 special effects, and supports 20+ image formats.

Free Video to JPG Converter  v.

Free Video to JPG Converter. Make video snapshots and extract frames from video files to JPG files with one mouse click. You can extract for example every hundredth video frame or frames in every 10 seconds.

VideoMonitor  v.2.5

VideoMonitor is an easy-to-use webcam application that can capture images from any video devices including Webcams and USB cameras, save the video in WMV format to your disk, and take snapshots automatically based on a user-defined time.

Bladder Problems  v.1.0

Upload snapshots quickly. Capture multiple screenshots. It is a simple desktop application. This amazing software also allows you to get at one go of all your webpages or your affiliates

System Explorer Portable  v.1.5

Detailed informations about Processes, Startups, Explorer, IE Addons, Uninstallers, Windows, Services, Drivers, Connections and Opened Files.Action History for monitoring processes activities.Making of Registry & Files snapshots for easy comparing of

Aldos Screen Capture  v.1.0

Take whole screen captures with a simple press of a key.Aldos Screen Capture is a tiny software application that allows you to capture the entire screen with the simple press of the PrintScreen key. Ideal for sharing snapshots through email or for

Automatically back up files to your own folder at regular intervals  v.9.0

Do you have a number of different files that you need backed up on a regular basis? Perhaps you make changes, and want to make snapshots of the files? Or, you just want a backup constantly made of any work that you have? If so, then this software is

HomeWatcher  v.2.0

A motion sensitive webcam software. HomeWatcher does not only upload the latest snapshot(s), but keeps a history of snapshots and creates a webpage with the current snapshot(s) and a history overview webpage. HomeWatcher was designed for security

ImaginA+  v.1.2006.02.20

ImaginA+ is a simple, small and powerfull JPG encoder library. Lets you save SnapShots of any window (even the desktop) as JPG file, or copy the image directly from the Jpg stream to any Memory buffer / Blob database field. The library was written in

Java SE Development Kit  v.7

Java SE Development Kit 7 is developed to be a helpful Java platform by Sun Microsystems with which you can get JDK7 and JDK6 source snapshots under the JRL license through subversion repository. jdk.researcher or jdk.contributor role for JDK project

Phantom Dragon',s Y!Cam Snagger  v.1

Phantom Dragon's Y!Cam Snagger 1 is a powerful and useful tool that takes snapshots of any Yahoo Messenger web cam.Major Features:There are no watermarks, restrictions, or changes made to your registry.No costs, no ads, no licenses, and certainly no

Phantom Dragon's Y!Cam Snagger  v.1

Phantom Dragon's Y!Cam Snagger 1 is designed to help users easily take snapshots of any Yahoo Messenger web cam. There are no watermarks, restrictions, or changes made to your registry. No costs, no ads, no licenses, and certainly no adware or

Phantom Dragons Y!Cam Snagger  v.1.0

Phantom Dragons Y!Cam Snagger can take snapshots of any Yahoo Messenger web

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